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The FENet project produced a great deal of information on all aspects of FEA across every industry and technology. This has created a large library of information, which is best navigated through the technology or industry findings sections of this site, or through performing a keyword search of the site below.

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1. Past Projects

Past Projects 

2. Ulrich Heck

Ulrich Heck Dr. Heck Consulting and Engineering provides engineering services for mechanical stress, dynamics, thermal and CFD analyses. Based in Krefeld, Germany. Experience and special interests: • Fluid-Structure-Interactions (FSI): 8 years experience (industrial projects) • CFD: 10 years experience (scientific and industrial), special interests: Turbulence, compressible flows, heat transfer • Structural FEA : 8 years experience (industrial projects), special interest

3. Projects

Projects As the only independent international organisation dedicated to the engineering analysis community, NAFEMS is involved in a number of external projects with other organisations in the European Community and beyond. NAFEMS members benefit significantly from our involvement in these projects, by having the opportunity to get involved at all stages. As well as being in a position to influence project direction, provide feedback which is truly taken onboard, and benefit from the outco


INOPRO IAOCFD, thermics, electromagnetism consultancies for industries (energy, microelectronics, chemistry), buildings, environment. Our main task: "finding the most efficient modelling methods to fulfil your projects objectives."

6. NAFEMS Joins New FEM Forging Project

NAFEMS Joins New FEM Forging Project NAFEMS announces today that is a core partner for the new ‘FEM Forging’ international project. The aim of this Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project will be to promote the effective use of numerical analysis by using Finite Elements for the present and future workforce, in the forging sector. It will accomplish this by setting out the skills that forging engineers, technicians and designers should have to be competent in using

7. iChrome Ltd

iChrome LtdInterested in any Computer Analysis and Simulation related projects, including, Structural Analysis,Stability and Post BucklingCompositesThermal AnalysisManufacturing SimulationCrashworthinessStructural Optimization Fluid Dynamics,Turbomachinery AnalysisAerodynamic AnalysisShape Parametrization Software Development,Product DevelopmentEngineering and IndustrializationPlugins and ExtensionsHPC and Distributed Computing

8. Glossary and Guide to Other Material

Glossary and Guide to Other Materials This chapter gives descriptions of the publications covering Case Studies and Workbooks, projects including GEM, SAFESA, FENET and AUTOSIM, management of data including STEP, management of finite element systems, quality systems and management, surveys, Seminars, and the NAFEMS International Conferences.

9. Registration Form - Basic 2 new

Basic 2 - Praxisorientierte Grundlagen für FEM-Berechnungen Name Email Telephone Company Address I would like to register my attendance not a NAFEMS member -> 800,- Euro NAFEMS member -> 540,- Euro        Please Contact me - I am Interested in the following areas NAFEMS Membership NAFEMS Publications 'BENCHmark' Magazine International Working Groups   EU Projects (FENet, AUTOsim) NAFEMS Seminars Registered Analyst Scheme

10. Webinar on Lean Project Management

Webinar on Lean Project Management  How to increase efficiency and visibility in your projects using Vdot™ Join us for this FREE live webinar. Tuesday, December 1, 4pm (Paris time) Agenda: * Overview of Vdot™ and ESI * Live demo The webinar will last 1 hour. The Vdot™ lean process platform is used to actively manage and continuously improve product development and business processes, saving companies 50% or more in cycle time and cost. The core research behind Vd

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