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Article Archive

  • Benchmark July 2014

    Benchmark July 2014

    In this Issue... NAFEMS Regional Conferences 2014 The Influence and Modelling of Warping Restraint To out Compute is to out Compete NAFEMS WORLD CONGRESS Describing Using the PSD Well, wasn’t that a more

  • Benchmark April 2014

    Benchmark April 2014

    In this Issue... Development Of Benchmark Examples for the Assessment of Quasi-Static Delamination Propagation Capabilities NAFEMS Regional Conferences 2014 Beyond FE: Cutting-Edge Methods for Challenging Problems 3D more

  • Benchmark January 2014

    Benchmark January 2014

    In this Issue... Improving the Simulation of Bird Strike on Plastic Windshields Reverse Engineering Made Simple Icons of CFD To Infinity & Beyond? It’s 2014, and we’re one year closer to the more

  • Benchmark October 2013

    Benchmark October 2013

    In this Issue... MODELLING LIKE THE MASTERS THE THIRD WAVE OF CFD CLOSING THE SIMULATION GAP ICONS OF CFD Although there is always talk of “real-world” in simulation and more

  • benchmark July 2013

    benchmark July 2013

    Thirty years since NAFEMS was founded, this year marks the launch of one of the most ambitious products we’ve put together. 2013 sees the advent of the Professional Simulation Engineer, a combination of certification and competency more

  • benchmark April 2013

    benchmark April 2013

    Question: do we question enough, or too much? Ok, that sounds like a riddle, but sitting here in a caffeine-fuelled darkened office, tidying-up the loose-ends of this issue in the wee small hours, it makes perfect sense. Hear me out on this. more